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The Waterfront Access Project

Special Inspection/Materials Testing
NTI provided special inspection and materials testing services in support of the owner’s quality assurance program for the Vancouver Waterfront Access Project.  The project was one of twenty phases of the $137 million West Vancouver Freight Access project. Construction of the Waterfront Access Project took place in two phases, the Railway Phase and the Roadway Phase. Completed in 2013, the $44 million Waterfront Access Project, including Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway’s portion, included design, rights of way acquisition, and construction. The project involved road, rail, and utility improvements, including reconstruction of the BNSF railway berm in downtown Vancouver and extension of Esther Street and Grant Street under the rail line. The project additionally included construction of a shoofly (temporary track) built to carry BNSF rail traffic that was shifted from the mainline, two two-span post-tensioned concrete railway bridges over Esther Street and Grant Street, associated rail work, retaining walls, lowering of roadways and drainage improvements.  The project restored the historic direct connection of the community to the Columbia River waterfront. In addition, it linked downtown Vancouver to a future major waterfront redevelopment at a former industrial site, and energized an estimated $1.3 billion in new private investment in the community.  NTI’s special inspection and materials testing services included earthwork construction monitoring and in-place nuclear density testing of structural fills for the bridge abutments and railway realignment, visual welding inspection, non-destructive weld evaluation, inspections and materials testing of reinforced concrete for the bridge spans, abutments and retaining walls, and laboratory testing.
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